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Hello Marti:

Judeo-Christianity attempts to make everything personal. Remember the old Southern Gospel song, "When He Was on the Cross, I Was on His Mind?" Remember how popular it was for preachers to tell us that WE are responsible for each nail driven into His hands? The problem is this: Jesus died for His people - the Covenant people, Israel - in fulfillment of prophecy. The God of Abraham, the promises given to His people all the precious Savior's death on the cross is for everyone in the sense that all humanity benefits by embracing the Commandments, Statutes & Judgments of the One God of gods. Please read or listen to the blog & podcast entitled "Are You Redeemed?" Even if you are not the bride (the true Israel) His Kingdom truly offers salvation. Keep studying!


I am not a Jew so is the Bible not for me?

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