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Hello Harry:

For Covenant man, there was always restrictions for marrying within a genetic line, and excluding the cursed (ie: Genesis 24:3). Finding a suitable wife within the Law for Isaac and Jacob were unarguably very important. In fact, we don't know that Abel (where Covenant man was promised to propagate) didn't have a wife, or was betrothed to one!

So, for Covenant man, the question really is: where did Seth get his wife?

In order to procreate under the Law, Seth would need a suitable partner. There is only one consistent, logical answer: he went into town and picked one out. 2000 years ago, I think the average Hebrew on the street would have quickly responded with such an answer.

Abel is the FIRST of the line. He would have HAD to marry a sister if there were no other mates available. Since he was the initial inheritor, he was up against the same problem that Seth later faced. Find the answer to the Abel problem, and you've found the answer to the Seth problem: but if having sex with a sister is involved, and that MUST be rejected.

It is often argued that there may have been other sons and daughters by Adam and his wife, which would open up reproductive possibilities. he Bible is silent about it. But any speculation about how many generations and passage of time before we get to an "acceptable" in-family marriage scenario places us in the same camp as the Creation Science loonies, who speculate that (unspecified) DNA entropy at some point in time, through the generations, reached a point where God put an end to such unions. If we lean on supposed physiological changes (either sudden or through the passage of time, like Dispensationalists often do with Babel) we open up a can of worms. If our God is changeless, and we are created in His Image, can we change very much?

It is also argued that if Abram married Sarah - and she was a half sister - would that [a half-sister] be permissible for Seth as well? This is another Creation Science argument. The answer would be: Yes, but only if the other half came from another line of suitable people.

Abel and Seth, under the Law, would not be able to procreate unless suitable mates could be found. To imply that our changeless God made an exception in the Law to facilitate the union of a brother and sister under Covenant is absolutely unacceptable and incomprehensible. Therefore, there had to be a genetically suitable and acceptable people that they would turned to, as did Cain.

Hope this helps!

For HIS Kingdom,


I understand the idea that Cain didn't have sex with his sister.What I can't help wondering is how exactly did the lineage of 'Adamic man' develop if all came from Adam and Eve.

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