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Joshua Kelley

If there is no future resurrection then what happens when we die a literal death? What is our future hope?


Hello again Deric - thanks for your post.

I often wonder if my beliefs would change if I should find that there is question concerning my lineage, and I know that you are answering a direct question that needs a direct answer from the Christian Israel leadership. It seems like we find only irrational, hate-driven claims that has little or no Bible support, or quick, incomplete, condescending answers delivered in an attempt to demonstrate compassion.

I had to make a decision on this many years ago, when I entered in the large cafeteria of one of my clients one day and saw a Black man pouring over the Bible at his table, alone. I DO NOT BELIEVE ANY MAN OR WOMAN WHO SEEKS AFTER YAHWEH, AND GLORIFIES HIM, WILL BE REJECTED BY HIM!

Consider that our God is just and righteous. He is the King, and there are many roles in His Kingdom. Not all roles are priestly roles! We ALL are servants in His Kingdom. Also, consider that it is obvious that that people of all ethnicities can not only have a moral core, but also often reflect God in their thoughts and actions than many Whites claiming to be Israelites, who are certainly doomed to perish. Especially now, with the Judgement this nation is now facing.

I believe that Israel is found today in the Anglo/Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian and kindred peoples. I do not believe that all these people comprise Israel. Nor do I believe that immortality is restricted to the chiefs and priest. The Bible simple has little to say about this.

Hopefully, more substantive answers to critical questions like yours will be found as we continue to seek knowledge and understanding.

Love the Lord, with all your heart, soul and mind!

Deric Fiddleman

I've just discovered your site, and have tried to read the posts you had regarding race-mixing, but the hyperlinks didn't lead to them. In particular, there was one that asked about verses suggesting Jesus was of mixed parentage.

This whole subject concerns me, as I've become inclined towards Christian Israel beliefs entirely (and very alienated from the Judeo-Christianity all around me). And I happen to have a jew father (mother pure Israelite going all the way back on both sides though, and I was raised 'Christian') -- my own mixed blood is the only thing troubling my heart, which is otherwise Israelite in every way. I have thoroughly researched all of this jew/khazar/edomite/Kenite stuff, and am satisfied that THOSE are not my people --- they are those our LORD spoke of in John 8:44, Rev. 2:9, etc.

Thanks for any help or insight!

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