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moses wife lived in cush but was a jew on linage of jacob is that possible?


James, Miriam was an Israelite, but was placed outside the camp (Num 12:15). According to the Law, anything unclean (including Levitical priests, Num 19:7) were to set outside the camp (Lev 13:46, Deu 23:14).

I do not disagree with you regarding the reference to a "Rahab" in Matthew Chapter 1 (Rahab was a common Hebrew name).

For His Kingdom,


Hello James:

>>Joshua would not have placed her and her family outside the camp (Jos 6:23)

I'm not sure why you would draw such a conclusion: Miriam was both an Israelite and a prophetess, yet was placed outside the camp (Numbers Chapter 12).

>>The person listed in Mat 1 was not Rahab the harlot.

This is certainly possible, and - if true - serves only to bolster the argument that God has not allowed the seed of Jacob to be mingled with those of other peoples.

For His Kingdom,


Hello James:

There could be a couple of reasons why Rahab and her kindred was "left them without the camp of Israel" (Joshua 6:23). If she was indeed a harlot, she may have requested it. Or, she may have been secured outside the camp for security reasons.

It indeed seems likely that there are more than one Rahabs in the Bible. In Isaiah 51:9, she is likened to the dragon. Psalms 89:10 uses the same language: the "strong arm" of the Lord has cut her to pieces. How could the lineage of our Lord be tied to that of the serpent?

You're surely right about Matthew 1:5 - "Rachab" is Strongs G4477, and "Rahab" (as in Hebrews 11:31) is Strongs G4460 ("the harlot of Jericho").


I agree with you to a degree. But I don't believe Rahab was an Isaelite. Had she been an Israelite, Joshua would not have placed her and her family outside the camp (Jos 6:23). The person listed in Mat 1 was not Rahab the harlot. It was someone else of Israelite descent. Rahab is mentioned by Paul and James (Heb 11:31; Jam 2:25). Both times they refer to her as "Rahab the harlot". Mat 1 has no such designation. Furthermore if you check the Greek, you'll discover the name in Mat 1 does not match the Greek reference to Rahab in Hebrews and James.

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