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One of the best (and most exhaustive) summaries of the DNA studies performed on the contemporary Jewish people is found here: http://www.jogg.info/11/coffman.htm

".. DNA studies indicate that Jews are not entirely Khazarian, Israelite or European in genetic makeup, but a complex and unique mixture of all these peoples."


Hi Mark:

Thanks for your comment. In fact, DNA tests have not "proven beyond dispute" that today's Jews trace their genetic heritage back to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. If the Israelitish origins of today's Jews (especially the Ashkenazi Jew) were not in question, we would not have the many challenges coming from the highest levels of scholarship (many of them Jewish themselves, like Eran Elhaik). My challenge to you is to come up with any study that conclusively establishes, through scientific method, that today's Jews are compositely Hebrew, both culturally and genetically.

The biggest problem with most of the DNA tests purporting the Israelite origins of today's Jews is that the maternal Mitochondrial DNA is (initially) used as the base, where the biblical seed of Jacob/Israel is established as paternal.

Most of the Israeli-funded studies have presupposed that today's Cohen surname has ties to the Levitical priesthood, with absolutely no historical or etymological support.

The "Jewish DNA" phenomenon is as much as scam as kosher compliance. If White people were to perpetrate such a fraud, we'd hear no end of it in the major media.

It should be clear that the obvious ethnicity indicators visually apparent in Indian Jews, Black Jews, Asian Jews and European Jews is proof enough: there is no composite "race" of Jews. This is the official policy of the Israeli government, and is consistent with the numerous historical evidences that today's Jews are Jews by conversion: not by race.

I WILL deny that today's Zionist Israeli Jews are "authentic Jews" and am willing to back it up under formal debate protocol, just by appealing to science alone! But when one also considers the Biblical markers of Israel, the coffin is nailed shut: the bulk of today's Jews cannot be the Covenant people of the Old Testament.

My point is this: we simply cannot believe any "evidence" if it cannot be true. In this case, to challenge "Jewish" DNA is to challenge the ancient land "rights", perpetual obedient Zionist support by the goyim, etc. In fact, the entire current "last days" eschatology falls apart if today's Jews are not the "Chosen" people (an idea which does not appear in the Inspired Word to begin with).

Back it up, Storm. I'm not "whining" - I'm defending the faith (and the seed) of Abraham. You're clearly angry about something...

For His Kingdom,

Mark Storm

DNA tests have proven beyond dispute that the vast majority of modern-day Jews DO indeed descend from ancient Israelites / Judeans - just as they have always said. It is true that there are statistically significant proportions of non-Semitic DNA in either male or female scions of the Jewish people- particularly of the Ashkenazi (European) Jews but nothing so much as to disqualify them as being authentically Jewish by blood. Even more so, the Sephardim and Mizrahi Jews are much closer to ancestral Semitic DNA than their Ashkenazi cousins.
In short, the modern Zionist Israeli Jews ARE authentic Jews. They are by blood, they are by religion, by tradition, by self-identification and by truth.
Deny it as much as you like, the Jews are who they say they are: JEWS and inheritors of the ancient promises and ancient land of Israel.
You may now feel free to disagree and whine and whinge and be wrong as much as you like.

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